Extreme Food: Roasted Rat for Valentine?

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 15 2012 | Comments (0)
If you are a big fan of weird food, love to try something new, this unusual food will be a good choice. A number of countries in Asia consider rodent meat as a delicious meat. It ist even more popular than beef or chicken! Take for example, Thailand. The report...

10 Bizarre Foods Available in Vending Machines

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In this modern life, people always try to choose the simplest way to get something they want. For example when they intend to drink soda, they don’t need to enter a supermarket or store just to buy one can of soda. The invention of vending machine helps them...

10 Weird Japanese Traditional Foods

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Japan is the place where brilliant ideas meet quirkiness. Popular for the unique fashion, this country is also famous for its weird traditional foods. From raw meat to stewed grasshopper, please enjoy. 1. Shirako Shirako or milt is the male genitalia of fish that...