Prince Harry Enjoyed the Reggae Dance with Blue Suede Shoes (Video)

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One love, one heart Let’s get together and feel all right Prince Harry has just assimilated the mod and reggae culture during his visit to Jamaica. Well, it’s true if you call people who wear suede shoes mods and those who dance to Bob Marley’s...

English Woman Loves to Eat Soaps and Sponges with Tomato and BBQ Sauce

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Against normality, an English dental nurse could not live her daily routine without digesting soaps and sponges. Kerry Trebilcock, a 21-year-old woman from Cornwall, has eaten about 4,000 sponges and more than 100 bars of soap since 4 years ago. She eats all the...

Experts: Britons Have Developed “Dysfunctional” Relationship With Alcohol

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The people of Britain drank 5.800 pints in their lifetime and experienced 726 hangovers. If they have a hangover everyday that means for two years non stop Britons youth will wake up with a headache. All the drinking for one person in their lifetime will count...