Brazilian Police Hired Local Batman to Fight Crimes

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A former soldier dressed up as the hero of Gotham city thrilled the neighborhood of Taubate, Brazil. The officials of the town allegedly hired the fake Batman to fight real crimes along the street and alleyways, according to MSN. A local newspaper, Ovale, reported...

French’s Sarkozy Apologized for Son’s Tomato Attack

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French President Nicolas Sarkozy has given his personal apology to a policewoman who claimed the president’s son had attacked her with a tomato and a marble last Thursday. Louis, the president’s son with ex-wife Cecilia, was said to hurl the policewoman from...

Iranian Girl Could Face Punishment for Singing Adele and Christina Aguilera

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Tara Salahi, a 13-year-old Iranian girl who sang Adele’s “Someone Like You” is said could face persecution from her government. It’s all because “the stupid ‘Iranian law’ thinks it is wrong to sing, as said by a YouTube user Cassy4u09. As the world...

Epic Fail! Watch Fox News Reporter Caught Sleeping On Air

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Fox News made controversial yet hilarious news again. Dough Luzader, a Fox News reporter, was caught falling asleep when the camera rolled. He was in Washington to give a report about the presidential candidacy from the Republicans. Anchor Joe Bickett who tried...

Busted! Indonesian Blogs Offering Professional Hitman Service

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Police busted self-declared professional assassins and killers in Indonesia as they are too obvious in offering their service on the internet. The Cyber Crime team of the Indonesian police department recently found at least two blogs that offer professional service...

Watch Pee Prank on Cops: Win!

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Cops: “You are arrested for peeing on the street in front of the public! Uh-oh, err…sorry, what’s that in the bottle?” It turned out to be just a brilliant, or stupid, guy messing around with the authorities. Watch the hilarious video below:

A Town in Spain Plans to Grow Marijuana to Pay Off Debt

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Rasquera, a small town in Catalonia region, Spain, has planned to grow marijuana to escape the recent economic crisis and to pay the debt. The town mayor, Bernat Pellissa, said the plan will open the chance to “bring in money and create jobs” for the people....

Fired Teacher Killed Principal with AK-47 Before Killed Himself

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Shane Schumerth, a fired teacher of Episcopal School of Jacksonville killed the principal, Dale Regan, who terminated his contract by using an AK-47 he put in a guitar case. According to the police, the 28-year-old teacher shot the principal for several times...

Miss Seattle: Ugh, people in Seattle are annoying

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Jean-Sun Hannah Ahn had just been crowned as Miss Seattle Saturday night and on Monday she tweeted, “I really do love Seattle … the summers are to die for.” But back in December somebody has learned that she posted the opposite. “Ugh can’t...

Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” is Kazakhstan New National Anthem?

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Instead of playing the national anthem – “Menin Qazaqstanim” or “My Kazakhstan”-, the officials of the country’s regional ski event played Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la Vida Loca” during the opening ceremony. The incident went...