Psy “Gangnam Style” Performance in the SNL [Video]

Posted by yellowcherry | On: Sep 17 2012
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Blogoncherry.com – Today, Psy’s Gangnam Style becomes a new trend in music industry around the world. His viral video which has been published on YouTube since July 15th, now already got more than 180 million “likes” from viewers.

Not just people in general who click the “like” button, international artists like Nelly Furtado, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber also share the same view toward this K-P0p phenomenon.  Psy takes popularity in the US!

After Bieber’s manager signed the funny rapper, he was invited to Ellen Degeneres Show, one of the most popular talk-shows in the country. He was asked to teach the horse-riding dance motion to Britney Spears dan Ellen.

“Today” show on Friday (Sept 14th) became a hilarious event when Psy was asked to perform the Gangnam Style. The majority of the audiences are Korean. They look really enthusiast to seePsy’s performance.

After that amazing performance, Psy came to the discussion on “Today” show. Psy said that, “I didn’t expect that at all. I just unloaded this video for the Korean viewers on YouTube and suddenly within 60 days, I’m here.”

He also added that after about 10 years making Korean music video, he does not expect that it will be this easy to hit the U.S marketplace.

Here is the video of Psy performance on “Today”

Just a day after performing on “Today”, Saturday (Sept 15th), Psy also performed on the “Saturday Night Live”.

The program which was hosted by Seth MacFarlane, Kenan Thompson, dan Jason Sudeikis, gave a sketch about unhappy workers of Lids store at a mall. One of them pressed the red button in order to give an entertainment to his unhappy friends. From the counter, a group of dancers came out to perform Gangnam Style. Then, Psy himself came out and danced together with the dancer group, exactly the same with the dance in Gangnam Style video.

The crowd from the audience blew up suddenly when they did Gangnam Style dance.

Here is the Psy performance on SNL program.

Gangnam Style is so phenomenon and amazing song. This song becomes number 1 on iTunes Top 100 Songs chart and number 3 on the iTunes Top 100 Music Videos chart.

Beside that, the song is also number 1 on Billboard’s Social 50 chart, in the second place on the Heatseekers Songs chart and be number 4 on the K-pop Top 100 chart.

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