Andy Roddick Ends Career with the U.S Open Loss

Posted by yellowcherry | On: Sep 07 2012
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Blogoncherry.com – The US Open becomes Andy Roddick’s last tennis competition after losing to Juan Martin del Potro on Wednesday 6-7 (Andy wins), 7-6, 6-2, 6-4 (del Potro wins). The US darling tennis player previously announced his retirement after the competition this year on August 30th. The announcement was made right when Roddick turned 30.

Roddick felt that it is getting hard for him to compete with other younger yet brilliant tennis players as he is getting older. A number of tennis players successfully defeated him on the court recently, including Novak Djokovic (Olympic 2012) and David Ferrer (Wimbledon).

He said that after being defeated by David Ferrer, he just realized that he had less time to practice his tennis skill, so it was hard for him to win. And he lost the duel against Juan Martin del Potro from Argentina Wednesday, Sept 5th. After 18-hour-rain delay, Andy came to the tennis court with full energy in front of thousands empty seats. He could beat del Potro with score 6-7 (del Potro-Andy Roddick). But his performance dropped after that until finally he lost.

The break point for del Potro was the second set. He dominated the tiebreaker in that set. He could close the second set with an easy cross-court forehand return which exactly dropped at Roddick’s feet.

He also did the same thing at third set. He did not want to loosen the tight, so he hit a drop shot toward Roddick which could not be returned by Roddick. Del Potro’s winning at third set made Roddick depressed. And the fourth set was completely under del Potro’s control.

At the end, Roddick just sat on his changeover chair and covered up his face with white towel. It seemed the most painful farewell for him. Maybe, he wished to win and had new record in the U.S Open before he left tennis forever. Goodbye, Roddick!

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