Secret Recipe of President Obama’s Beer Revealed [Video]

Posted by yellowcherry | On: Sep 04 2012
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Blogoncherry.com – Some people perhaps never realized that President Obama has been brewing his own beer in White House until this news brokef.

After several times promoted his own beer on his campaign, the USA citizens are curious to know what his beer recipe really is. By the curiosity of people, the President’s chefs revealed about the secret recipe of making President Obama’s beer.

Every detail of that secret is published on a blog entitled “Ale to the Chief”. In that video, two President’s chefs, Sam Kass and Tafari Campbell give a guidance on making the beer. They also tell the audience how to brew the beer, and how to package it into the bottles.

They also let the public know about the ingredients of making the beer. The ingredients include malts, hops, yeasts, and special pure honey from Michelle Obama’s beehive on the South Lawn.

Unfortunately, not all of the USA citizens can taste the beer. It is because White House does not produce it in large amount. Moreover, President Obama only give the beer to the selected White House guests.

In the period of waiting for presidential Election Day like today, this revealing secret recipe of Presiden Obama’s own beer perhaps is not a good idea. It leads to a suspicion that the purpose of revealing the secret recipe of making Presiden Obama’s beer is just to get attention from working class and porters for the upcoming presidential election.

However, President Obama’s interest on alcoholic drinking like beer is different to Mitt Romney, Obama’s competitor from the Republic Party. Romney with his Mormon faith will always say no to alcoholic drinking.

Here is the video of Beer Brewing by President Obama:

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