“The Possession” Tops Labor Day Box Office

Posted by yellowcherry | On: Sep 03 2012
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Blogoncherry.com – This week, “The Possession” is on the top of the Box Office America list. It seems a good movie to watch during Labor Day celebration.

The movie tells about an ancient spirit contained in an antique box bought by a young girl. A curse happened to that girl, and her parents tried hard to end that curse. This horror movie, produced by Sam Raimi, is estimated earn around $7.7 million from Friday to Sunday. But, it could get more. It earns over $21 million, based on the tabulation of Labor Day Earnings on Tuesday.

Even this movie can beat 2016:Obama’s America as the most talked-about movie in last week. Dinesh D’Souza’s anti-Obama movie only got $5.1 million. And this week, this movie, which tells about what will happen to the U.S if Obama wins second term presidential election, falls on ninth place. However, this film is still considered as the fifth highest grossing political documentary ever, because it gets $18.2 million in total.

The Lawless movie is placed in the second place with some earnings around $ 9.6 million this week. The total earnings of “The Lawless” reach $11.8 million since the first opening on Wednesday. Meanwhile, “The Expendables 2” falls on the third place with only $8.8 million. “The Bourne Legacy” is on the fourth place, with $100 million in total.

Another new release got not a quite good earnings on the opening. Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure only gets $448.000 in total for this week or about $207 from 2,160 venues. That’s all about the chart of Box Office new movies America for this week.

Here is The Possession’s trailer:

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