Marriage Proposal at U.S Open Practice Session: Djokovic getting married? [Video]

Posted by yellowcherry | On: Aug 29 2012
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Blogoncherry.com – Serbian tennis player, Novak Djokovic, was practicing his tennis skill to face the U.S Open competition when suddenly a little fan interfered the practice with a marriage proposal shouted to the 25-year-old Novac Djokovic.

To catch the attention of the world-class tennis player who really focused on the practice, the little boy shouted “Djokovic, will you marry me?”. That fake proposal absolutely succeeded to attract Novak’s attention.

Novac immediately looked around to find the source of that voice. Then, the little boy came down to the tennis court. Novak came to him and gave a hand. He also handed his racquet to the boy and allowed him to do some serves.

After that, Novak gave a little hug to the boy to end the memorable meeting, and he continued his practice session.

What a great moment between the idol and the fan. People who were in the tennis court cheered every time the boy did the serve.

What Novak did, explains that even he is a famous and professional tennis player who already got many achievements, he is still a kind-hearted athlete. He is such a beloved tennis player to his fans, even though some people said the moment was staged.

Here is the footage of that moment:

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