Bill Cosby is Dead (Again)

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 28 2012
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Blogoncherry.com - Bill Cosby has died? Fortunately he hasn’t. Pranksters recently came up on the stage and spread the legendary comedian’s death rumor on the internet, Twitter was responsible for this.

Tweeps were hard to believe when they found the “news” spread on Monday. Even the trending topic at the time was “Bill Cosby died”. The 75-year-old comedian quickly denied the rumor by talking to CNN’s “Larry King Live” on Monday night.

Talking on the phone, Cosby said he doesn’t want the pranksters to spread the rumor anymore because it is the fourth time that he is being reported dead. Two years earlier he was pronounced dead on the internet several times. But he could prove it to the world that he was alive and well.

Regarding his latest death hoax, Cosby got to his Twitter account and said, “To the people behind the foolishness, I’m not sure you see how upsetting this is.”

Celebrities often become the target of death hoaxes. Justin Bieber and Jacky Chan once were reportedly dead on Twitter, but they were actually doing fine.

No one knew who triggered the rumor and what was his/her motive. In the meantime, let’s wait who else are going to be rumored dead on the web in the near future.

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