Hurricane Isaac Getting Stronger, Path Still Uncertain

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 27 2012
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Blogoncherry.com - Experts still cannot predict the path of Hurricane Isaac yet, but it is strongly suggested for people who currently stay around the prone areas to prepare for the worst.

The Associated Press reported  the Florida Keys and South Florida have been whipped by rain and wind as  the tropical storm Isaac pass through the areas. But the storm may get wilder as it is now running toward the northern Gulf Coast.

From the prediction, the Gulf Coast will face the hurricane by Tuesday or Wednesday. The last time this area was hit by a hurricane was in 2008.

National forecasters still try to tell the hurricane’s path. According to the maps of the US National Hurricane Center, Isaac may hit some areas along Gulf Coast-Louisiana-Florida Panhandle.

The forecasters could not exactly determine where Isaac would go as the computer models showed two possibilities: Isacc goes well west and well east.

Isaac hurricane poses a deadly threat to the Republican National Convention planned to be held in Tampa Bay. However, the hurricane is not expected to hammer Tampa directly, but heavy rain and stormy weather may happen there.

The convention committee itself has prepared a scenario if the hurricane strikes, including an evacuation plan. In the meantime, at least three Republican governors had decided to cancel their trip due to the hurricane’s threat.

Around 53,000 of  Louisiana’s St. Charles Parish have been urged to evacuate as the storm is right ahead. Those who live around Alabama coast are have also been told to leave their homes.

The hurricane is so far has made the most of the damage in the Caribbean. From the reports, 8 people in Haiti were killed by flooding. Meanwhile, Cuba’s trees and power lines were cut off.

Isaac is thought to be a lesser storm that the devastating Katrina. But the hurricane may cause a huge amount of destruction.

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