7.4 Magnitude Earthquake Struck El Salvador, Triggered Tsunami

Posted by redcherry | On: Aug 27 2012
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Blogoncherry.com - A huge earthquake of 7.4 magnitude drilled in the Pacific Ocean around 78 miles off the coast of El Salvador Sunday night (26/8), AFP reported.
According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the quake has triggered a tsunami.

“Sea level readings confirm that a tsunami was generated,” its bulletin read.

A tsunami warning has been issued in a number of countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and Honduras.

However, the US Geological Survey has confirmed that the tsunami would not reach Hawaii. The USGS said the quake struck 74 miles south of Usulutan department in the southeast of the country at a depth of 33 miles.

There were no immediate reports of damage to coastal areas or to shipping.

Alfonso Lara of El Salvador’s Civil Protection agency said they are currently monitoring of the entire coast through their technicians and representatives.

A series of earthquake also hit southeastern California on Sunday. A number of trailer homes were knocked off their foundations. Their windows were reportedly shattered.

Robert Graves of the USGS said the strongest quake struck at 1:57 pm, registered at a magnitude 5.5. The quake was centered around 3 miles northwest of the town of Brawley. There were no immedate reports of damage and casualties.


The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has cancelled the tsunami warning issued earlier. Where the tsunami landed was unclear, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

El Salvador’s Civil Protection Service Director Jorge Melendez has dismissed the tsunami threat in the country. According to the national observatory, the strength of the quake was only 5.7 magnitude, different from what the USGS said.

The USGS itself has revised the strength of the quake, from 7.4 magnitude to 7.3.

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