Indonesian Toddler’s Saliva Miraculously Turned Into Crystals

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 26 2012
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Rafael, one-year-old infant from Malang, East Java, Indonesia, thrilled the neighborhood when his saliva turned into crystals.

Every time the baby secreted saliva, it always turned into crystals every day. Hariadi, 38, and Leni Marliani, 35, Rafael’s parents, have no clue about what has been going on.

So far, more than 200 crystals have been spitted out by Rafael.

Leni said the first time she noticed the saliva turned into crystals was on February 14, 2012.

“At that time, I was holding Rafa. When I saw Rafa secreting saliva, I thought it was just usual but when I saw the saliva hanging on his lips, I knew it hardened and looked like a crystal,” she said.

Leni immediately threw away the hardened saliva because she worried if her baby would eat it.

But several hours later Leni found Rafa did it again and again.

“It just took seconds for the salive to turn into crystals,” Leni said.

Knowing that there was something wrong with her baby, Leni took him to a clinic with her husband.

“At that time, the clinic could not tell what was going on. They told us that Rafa was okay,” she said.

Leni is afraid if there is somebody who uses some kind of black magic to harm her son. She even took him to the paranormal but the paranormal said just like what the clinic said to her and her husband.

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