Religious Woman: Jesus Christ Image Appeared During the Bachelor Show

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 19 2012
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A Florida woman said he saw an image of Jesus Christ on TV when she was watching The Bachelor series.

Guerda Maurice said she got the “vision” after checking the image she captured by using her phone. He told the WTSP that her phone suddenly did not work when she wanted to use it to capture an image on the TV when she was watching the Bachelor show.

The Port St. Lucie resident said her phone lighted up again the following day and there she saw an image that she claimed as Jesus Christ.

“I flip the phone now and I see Jesus picture. I said, oh my God where did that picture come from? I said, this is Jesus, and I was shaking,” she described the event.

She immediately sent the blurred image to her sister and spread the words that Jesus had appeared on the screen during the Bachelor show.
But Ann, Guerda’s sister, told her that it was not true and she was crazy.

Guerda is a religious woman. She put the image into a gold locket for the people to see and as a reminder of her faith.

“All I want people to know is God is right there in your house. No matter what crisis you have, we all are children of God,” she said.

Now that the media put the spotlight upon her, it is very likely that she could raise some cash. However, she has explained that all of the money she got from the publicity will go to charity. Guerda is available at 1jesuschrist7@gmail.com.

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