Meet Lei Qingyao, the Most Beautiful Armless Girl in China

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 19 2012
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An electricity accident happened when Lei Qingyao was only a 3 year old girl cost her both of her arms.

The Sichuan girl later developed special skills with his feet. The 22-year-old beautiful girl now can eat, cook, dress and even swim and write calligraphy using her feet.

Recently, the armless girl appeared in a dating show in China called “If You’re the One”. She participated in the contest to find her true love.

Qingyao currently studies psychology in one university in the country. She also serves as the vice chairman of the Association of Persons with Physical Disability of Wenjiang District, Chengdu City.

Before the show was on air, an internet post published by Qingyao’s friends attracted the Chinese netizens. Many gave positive comments, saying that she is the most confident and beautiful girl in China. They call Qingyao as the “Oriental Venus” and “Broken-Arm Angel.”

One netizen said:

“To tell the truth, even though I have all four limbs, have a decent income, and look okay, I’m no match for her!!
Because her force of will is way stronger than mine!!!”

Here are the pictures of beautiful Lei Qingyao:


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