In Colombia, “Barack Obama” is a Car Mechanic

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 19 2012
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A weird contest held in Colombia has picked its winner.

Carlos Alberto Perez, a Colombian car mechanic, recently won the best lookalike of US President Barack Obama contest held in Cartagena.

Perez, 32, was forced by his boss to participate in the competition.

“I came because my boss made me and the people I work with also told me to go,” he said.

He traveled as far as 1,000 miles to enter the onstage competition. He was happy on arrival despite the bad traffic and long journey.

“It was a really long trip on the bus. The traffic was bad but I got here and I am happy, very happy with all of this,” he said.

What made his arrival so special was the presence of a number of men elegantly dressed like the Secret Service agents. The Barranquilla resident managed to impress all the judges that eventually crowned him with the top prize.

Silvio Carrasquillo who organized the competition said the contestants’ characteristics that determined the decision from the judges including the eyebrows and skin color. He said the key element that made Perez became the winner of the competition was his “perfect presidential head shape.”

“There is part of Obama’s head like a little ball, in the back, and Carlos has the profile,” he said.

“He looks like Obama from kilometres away.”

However, Perez seemed unhappy with his new title because he said the money he got from winning the competition could not cover the cost of the trip he took from his village to the town.

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