Study: Women More Likely to Suffer Heart Attack without Chest Pain

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 16 2012
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Hollywood movies teach us that people who suffer a heart attack are usually clutching their chest before falling down dramatically. But a scientific research said it does not always happen like that.

A new research revealed that compared to men, women more often experience a heart attack without pain in their chest as the initial symptom. Involving more than 1 million people, men and women, the study found 42% of women said that they did not report chest pain symptom to the hospital, while 31% of men did the opposite.

The study also found the mortality rate for women was higher than men, 15% compared to 10%. Dr. John G. Canto, the director of the chest pain center at Florida-based Lakeland Regional Medical Center wrote the study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Patricia A.Grady, PhD, RN, Director of the NINR said that women’s symptoms are not as predictable as men’s.

“It is important not to miss the earliest possible opportunity to prevent or ease AMI, which is the number one cause of death in both women and men.”

The US government released the usual major symptoms suffered by women before heart attack:

• Unusual fatigue – 70%
• Sleep disturbance – 48%
• Shortness of breath – 42%
• Indigestion – 39%
• Anxiety – 35%

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