Emo Massacre in Iraq Still Continues

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 16 2012
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In Aceh, Indonesia the so-called Punks were “rehabilitated” by the moslem authorities because they were considered violating the sharia law. Meanwhile, in Iraq the so-called Emos were stoned to death for the same reason.

More than 90 youths were killed in the past three weeks by Iraq conservatives Shi’ite. The militants are said to have targeted youths who dressed in Emo style, with skinny jeans and Emo haircuts since last month.

The militants distributed leaflets around Shi’ite Bayaa district to warn young people that dress as Emos. Each leaflet contained 24 names that became the target of the stoning.

“We strongly warn you, to all the obscene males and females, if you will not leave this filthy work within four days the punishment of God will descend upon you at the hand of the Mujahideen,” the leaflet read.

There were similar leaflets in Sadr City that contained 20 youth names.

“We are the Brigades of Anger. We warn you, if you do not get back to sanity and the right path, you will be killed,” it said.

A Shi’ite cleric in Sadr City called young people who dress as Emo “crazy and fools”, but he did not agree with the stoning because he thought it was the legal law that the youths had to deal with.

The interior ministry of Iraq put Emos under the spotlight last month after called the emo phenomenon as an embodiment of Satanism practice.

“They wear tight clothes that bear paintings of skulls, they use school implements with skulls and wear rings in their noses and tongues as well as other weird appearances,” the ministry said.

However, after the Emo massacre reports circulated on national and international media, the ministry did not admit that the killings happened on emo grounds.

“All cases of murder recorded were for revenge, social and common criminal reasons,” it said.

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