Easy Guide to Live Like Beyonce (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 16 2012
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If you were Beyonce Knowles, what would you do?

It sounds like a cliché question as many people want to live like their idols.

If you would love to impersonate Beyonce, the Katydids would show you how. The Katydids is a female comedy group from Chicago. They threw a brief guidance about how to live like Beyonce in a video posted on YouTube.

The Katydids is quite popular as a comedy team. Here is how they describe the team in their website:

“The Katydids are a six member ensemble of some of Chicago’s best up and coming female performers whose names all happen to be derived from Katherine. They use personal experiences as a launching pad to create unapologetic, playful, and relationship-based improvisation. In addition to improvisation and sketch comedy, they are known for creating and producing successful short videos which have been featured in The Chicago Sun Times blog and as an official selection in the Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival. The Katydids have been seen in New York City for the Del Close Marathon at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater and in Los Angeles at iO West. They are based out of iO Chicago (formerly Improv Olympic) and their improv is coached by The Second City Mainstage alumn Anthony LeBlanc.”

Well, let’s find out how hilarious the life of Beyonce is.

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