Cindy Lee, a Former Stripper, Running for French President

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 16 2012
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Cindy Lee, a former stripper that has officially announced her decision to run for France president elections finally got another voice as an endorsement.

Yesterday, Lee whose real name is Isabelle Laeng got back up from Mayor of Tollent, Roger Labache. The Mayor said all the French people should have the same chance to be the president of the country.

He also said that he wanted to see more women sit in top posts before adding that Lee was very charming.

In order to get on the presidential ballot, the candidate from the ‘Parti du Plaisir’ or Pleasure Party has to collect 500 endorsements from either mayors of their deputies.

But it seems Lee has to resign from the competition to replace the position of Nicolas Sarkozy as she only got 42 signatures by far. She said she disagreed to the rules that permit the people to run for president but her party and also herself got lots of publicity during the process.

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