Thai Airline Hired 4 Transgenders to be Air Hostesses

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 15 2012
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Bangkok-based PC Air has just made a surprising breakthrough when the new airline decides to hire transgenders to be the air hostesses.

The airline has recently introduced their four transsexual cabin crew to the public. The decision is inevitably triggering a controversy among the people. Many see the hiring is just a gimmick instead of a truly attempt to campaign equality.

However, all the transladies are happy with their new job. Phuntakarn Sringern, 25, said she likes the job because she could show her ability and wear the beautiful uniform.

When Sringern, better known as Mew, partook in the airline’s first commercial flight from Thailand capital city to Hong Kong, she said the hiring could be the first step for transgenders to have a good job in the future.

In the flight, many passengers did not know that the air hostesses are transsexuals. A Thai passenger said, “Oh, I did not hear before about it.”

“They look really beautiful, and they are really nice… it’s pretty cool.”

Just like the usual air hostesses, Mew and her colleagues demonstrated safety tools and served the passengers with food, drinks, and others.

Thailand has a unique culture in which many men transformed themselves into transgenders. Even though many sex change operation practice in the country, the government does not want to recognize them as women, a problem that forced the PC Air to contact the travel destination to avoid problems.


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