Tesco Would NOT Honor the New iPad 3 for 49.99 Pounds

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 15 2012
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It is now clear. Tesco has confirmed that it would not honor its hot offer of the new iPad for £49.99 or $ 78.3 yesterday.

The online store previously listed the new Apple iPads only for £49.99 instead of £659 which more makes sense. In no time, tens of thousands people who were obviously attracted with the price placed order online.

But yesterday, Tesco sent them emails informing that there was a mistake with the price and it would not honor the order. Disappointed customers surely criticized the store for not honoring the orders.

Well, the fact is a number of stores would honor a wrong price at the tills because if they turn them away the customers would be embarrassed.

In 2011, T-Mobile decided to give 2,000 customers free 12-month contracts despite the wrong price. Then M&S did not disappoint the customers by honoring the order of its 3D TV worth more than $ 1,565 for a fifth of the price.

But yesterday Tesco sent emails:

“Thank you for your recent Tesco Direct order for an IPAD WI-FI 4G 64GB.

“Unfortunately, there was an error in the price at the time that you placed your order, and as a result we have had to cancel your order.

“No payment has been taken for this order.

“Please refer to our Tesco Direct Terms and Conditions for further details of our order acceptance policy. If you would like to re-order the IPAD, on the official launch date on Friday 16th March it will be available on our website at the correct price £659.”

A Twitter user tweeted regarding the issue: “Have a feeling the £50 Tesco iPad 3 ‘glitch’ was in fact a rather genius PR stunt to massively plump their pre-orders.”

Hundreds of people now have signed an online petition that demands Tesco to honor the deal.

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