Angry Bin Man Really Cleaned up the Mess (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 15 2012
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An angry binman was videotaped wrecking a mailbox with only using his bare hands. The video has become the latest viral video spread on the internet with over 800,000 views a week after it was being uploaded.

A bin man was seen jumping off the garbage truck before hurling two bags into the machine. The man, who wore an orange jacket, then moved to a bin that has a detachable lid.

The amusing moment came when the bin man tried to empty the bin. No one exactly knew why suddenly he slammed the bin against the vehicle before throwing everything into the crushing machine.

The bad-tempered bin man then went to the innocent mailbox that stood next to the bin before he slammed it into the crusher and demolished the mailbox with his bare hands. He smashed the mailbox against the road once before throwing it into the lorry along with all the mails.

Check out the viral video below:

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