Phoenix Flashing Lights No Longer a Mystery

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 13 2012
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The mystery of flashing lights in Phoenix has been solved.

The big, ephemeral light flash that was visible during a report broadcast by KSAZ-TV last Thursday initially led to a speculation that another V-formation was throwing a party at the time.

But Arizona Public Service told the public the day after that there was no E.T. involved in the flashing light mystery that looked like a terrible explosion, the AP reported.

The light captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 approximately at 4.45 am turned out to be an explosion caused by a breaker of an electrical line that opened. It led to a huge flash and a quickie power outage.

One of the APS’ workers came to unlock the mystery box last weekend. However, there was no damage reported due to the incident.

Here is the video of the flashing lights in Phoenix last weekend:


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