Nan Brothers Made Money from Playing Music with Vegetables Instruments

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 13 2012
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Nan Weidong, 43, and Nan Weiping, 41, two brothers from China have successfully created a new job in music industry.

The Beijing residents came up with a brilliant idea of playing music with vegetables as the musical instruments. Weidong and Weiping use popatoes to make an ocarina. They also turn a bamboo shoot into a whistle and a flute.

The talented brothers said they have started using vegetables as musical instruments since 2010. Their father used to teach them learning to play the usual instruments. They said they got the talents from their father who worked as a music teacher.

In their modest apartment in the city, the brothers now live and transform vegetables into the unusual musical instruments.

They said each kind of vegetable will make a different instrument. The most difficult thing to do in the making of the instruments is controlling the pitch. The pitch is affected by the air temperature and humidity.

They have made good money from their job. The Nan brothers have performed on a number of talent shows in the country. They could perform traditional Chinese repertoire to Western modern songs. The payments they got from the appearances were varied, but they could get about 50,000 yuan o $ 7,800 per show.


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