Candy Company Apologized for Wrong Advertisement

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 13 2012
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Cloetta, a Swedish candy company, apologized to the customers who were disappointed by their recent wrong advertisement.

Previously, the company had spread information to the public that their new product, Mini Plopps, would bear 4 words on the candy bar: Love, Hugs, Kiss and Joy.

But they products turned out to have only two words, Kiss and Hugs, because of the manufacturing error. One upset customer reported the candy company to the Swedish Consumer’s Agency, as reported by The Local.

She initially wanted to distribute the candies at her wedding as the sweet bars were said to contain the word Love.

Cloetta did not make any excuse to the mistake. They were terribly sorry for the fault they had made.

Christina Bjorck, spokeswoman for the company said they only made two words whereas the advertisement displayed four.

“It was unfortunate. We can only bow our heads and apologize,” she said.

Claes Ekstrom the owner of the company was also reportedly upset due to the error. He said in the short future the company would come with exciting news that involve the real love.

The Local

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