This Could Be the Deadliest Job in the World

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 12 2012
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The job undertaken by Yu Ji and his colleagues might be the deadliest job in the world.

Yu Ji, a 48-year-old worker builds precarious footpath alongside the Shifou Mountain in Hunan Province, China, with the other workers, mostly old people.He knows that working in such a great height in the air is very dangerous. A little foot slip might lead to a tragic death.

They workers build the wooden paths that would extend about 2 miles. It would be the longest narrow, dangerous path in the country.Most of the workers who work on the path come from the surrounding villages.

Yu Ji, who has been working as a construction worker for over 10 years, said young people are not interested with such kind of job.

“It means we have to stay deep in the mountains for months, sometimes even years,” he said.

However, Yu Ji said that his job is not as dangerous as the people see.

“I don’t feel it’s so different from any other job,” he said.

“You just wear the ropes, and then everything is okay.”

Just watch the slideshow below to judge whether Yu Ji’s job is dangerous or not:


Credit photos: Xanderverkes

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