Ignorant Grandpa Used iPad as a Chopping Board! (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 12 2012
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Knaller Frauen’s skit show that suggests “the perfect use” for an iPad is the latest viral video worldwide.

The 30 second sketch that displays a young woman and an older man cooking together in the kitchen has got over 1.7 million hits by far.

The elderly man shocked the woman when he brought vegetables placed on a chopping board that turned out to be an iPad.

The woman was left speechless when he poured all the chopped vegetables into a pot, scrapped the edge of his knife and tapped it several times to ensure that all the chopped veggies had been placed into the pot.

The horror show continued when the man put the iPad chopping board into the dishwater.

Watch the video of Ignorant Grandpa Used iPad as a Chopping Board below:


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