Two Chinese Students Committed Suicide to Travel Back to Qing Dynasty Era

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 09 2012
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Two Chinese fifth-graders tragically committed suicide with one of the victims left a note on which she told her parents that she wanted to travel back to the 1640s during the Qing Dynasty’s reign.

Xiao Hua and Xiao Mei (not their real names) were drowned themselves into a pool on Thursday in Fujiprovince, China. Both girls wrote letters to their parents. They explained why they committed suicide on the letters.

Xiao Mei in her letters wrote that Xiao Hua killed herself because she lost a remote control. She was afraid of being scolded. Xiao Mei decided to accompany Xiao Hua because she was Xiao Mei’s best friend.

Xiao Mei also told that the suicide could help them travel back to the era they wanted to live in, the Qing Dynasty. Xiao Mei wanted to make a movie about an emperor when she could travel to the era.

Due to this tragedy, time travel TV series in China was blamed because in several series they displayed stories about how people could go back to the ancient times accidentally to build a family with the ancient emperor’s family member.

Responding to the incident, Sun Yunxiao, the deputy director of China Youth and Children Research Center said that such tragedy happens in every era.

“Schoolchildren are rich in curiosity but poor in judgment,” Yunxiao said.

China Daily

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