Pole-Dancing Robots Stole Attention at the CeBIT Fair

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 09 2012
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When the hype of iPad 3 aka iPad HD aka the new iPad surrounds those who follow the latest information in technology, here comes the newly found weird pole-dancing robots.

A couple of pole-dancing robots appeared at the CeBIT, a high-tech fair in Germany held in Hanover on Tuesday. The robots have a human-size. They danced to the music played by another robot that acted as the DJ at the event.

Julian Hangschiltt, 19, event manager and part time DJ, said all the robots were assembled from parts of an old car.

He said he wanted to give something different at this year’s CeBIT. Last year the event displayed real pole-dancers, and this 2012’s event, they used robots to do the dance because CeBIT is a tech fair.

CeBIT is one of the world’s best IT event. About 4,200 participants from 70 countries took part in the event. Giant companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and Google also came to participate.

The pole-dancing robots stand was one of the most attractive stand during the event. The robots are available for the visitors to hire. You can send him to your friend’s bachelor party by handing over €30 000 or about $39,644.

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