Busted! Indonesian Blogs Offering Professional Hitman Service

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 09 2012
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Police busted self-declared professional assassins and killers in Indonesia as they are too obvious in offering their service on the internet.

The Cyber Crime team of the Indonesian police department recently found at least two blogs that offer professional service to kill targeted people. Hitmanindonesia.wordpress.com and pembunuh-bayaran.blogspot.com (professional-assassin.blogspot.com) are the two blogs that offer such outrageous service.

Today, WordPress had closed hitmanindonesia.wordpress.com for a violation, while pembunuh-bayaran.blogspot.com was hacked by somebody called as Hantucrew.

The administrator of pembunuh-bayaran.blogspot.com wrote on the blog before being hacked: “I started this business three years because of financial problems.”

“I put up advertisements for my services, just for fun. But jobs did come to me.”

On the profile section, the administrator did not give his contact because of “security reasons.”

“Just send your contact details and I will contact you immediately. I will do it my way, not like other websites that take orders,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, when hitmanindonesia.wordpress.com was still on air, the administrator put his email address shinig4mi444@yahoo.com and gave highlights to the words “we don’t take jokes.”

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