10 Signs Boyfriends are in a Bromance

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 07 2012
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Thanks to Editor Dave Carnie, we all now have the term “bromance” in our life. Carnie first used the term in Big Brother, a skateboard magazine in the 1990s to call a certain type of relationship that appears and develops in the skaters’ environment because they spend lots of time together.

Bromance is a term coming from two words combined together (promartanteau) “bro/brother” and “romance.”

It’s different from a gay relationship that involves sexual intimacy. According to Wikipedia, bromance is “a close non-sexual relationship between two (or more) men.”

So, what are the bromance signs?

1. They call their best guy friend with somewhat cute nickname.

2. They set a special ringtone for their best guy friend. A song from Bryan Adams “I will be right here waiting for you” might be the ringtone he selects.

3. Their favorite movie is “I Love You, Man”, or “Batman and Robin.”

4. They share the same outfits or have similar outfits at least two.

5. They list their best guy friend phone number in their emergency contact.

6. When they go for a double date, they spend more time speaking to their guy friend than to their own girlfriends.

7. They are busy exchanging text messages with their best guy friend during a romantic dinner.

8. They spend lots of time in a bar with one of their best guy friends on Friday nights.

9. They often write on each other’s Facebook wall.

10. They often tell stories about how they first met their best guy friend to their girlfriend.

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