10 People with Real Superhero Powers

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 07 2012
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America has numerous fictive superheroes in books, comics, movie, etc, but the world has the real people with real superhero powers. One thing I like from the the world’s real superheroes stuff is they don’t make money for their creators, unlike the American superheroes. LOL. Listen!

1. Uberboy

No one knows what is the real name of this superhero. Born in Germany 12 years ago, the Uberboy could be the real-life Wolverine as he could lift more than 6 times the weight of a normal kid when he was only 4 year old.

2. Ben Underwood

Ben Underwood has the power of seeing things by listening to the sounds. He could not see a thing since he was 3, but he could develop the thing called echolocation which allows him to play basketball, rollerblade, video games and skateboard.

3. Michel Lotito

Michel Lotito can organize a new organization to compete with the vegetarians and beefeaters called metal lovers. Lotito’s digesting system makes him a superhero because glass, metal and -it’s hard to believe but- toxic material can be digested very normally.

4. Tim Cridland

Tim Cridland never experience any pain. When there is no mattress in the motel he rented, he could sleep on a bed made from nails. If you have a Toyota, put it on top of Cridland’s body to make him feel more comfortable.

5. The Monks

The Buddhist monks are not only bulletproof, but also can make you feel burned by only touching your skin with their fingers. In fact, the monks can boil water put in a pan by only placing the pan on their palm.

6. Daniel Browning Smith

The world recognizes him as the most flexible man in the universe. By dislocating his arms, he could enter a tennis racket that has no string.

7. Rathakrishnan Velu

No one can beat the strength of Velu’s teeth. By only using teeth, he could pull a commuter train. Awesome!

8. Liew Thow Lin

His fellow villagers call him the Magnetic Man because all kinds of metallic materials can stick to his body. But he has to practice harder in order to have an ability of controlling magnetic fields.

9. Raj Mohan Nair

Raj Mohan Nair cannot die by electric chair. Nair’s body can resist 1.3 million ohms of electric!

10. Choi Yeong-eui

Choi Yeong-eui or you may call him Masutatsu Oyama is the real bullfighter. Unlike this Spanish bullfighter who uses weapons to kill a bull, he can kill a bull by only using his bare hands.

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  1. Kyle says:

    1.3 million ohms of electric power? It’s over 9000!!!1 Hah! Ohms are a unit of resistance, not power. Most everyone’s dry skin resistance is up around this level.

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