Wicked! Ultimate Tazer Ball Combines Sport and Stun Gun

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 05 2012
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What will happen when stun gun meets with sport? Violence? Big no. It will be an unlimited fun!

Just ask Eric Prumm, Leif Kellenberger and Erik Wunsch. The three of them invented a new game for those who want to exercise using a stun gun! The sport is called the Ultimate Tazer Ball. The sport looks like a combination of rugby and American football added with hockey plus soccer. But there is one significant difference as the players use stun guns while in the arena.

The game goes like this: Each player of the two teams in the arena has to make scores as much as possible but when soccer has tackle, this game has electrical shock. Each player can stun the opponent player that carries the ball in order to take it from the opponent’s hand.

Kellenberger explained to the Huffingtonpost that this Ultimate Tazer Ball is suggesting an equal game for the small players can compete with the bigger one using the stun gun.

“The stun guns make this an exciting sport for everyone,” he said.

However, the stun guns used in the game do not pose threat because the electric power is only 3 to 5 milli-amps.

“It feels like a rubber band snap. It’s shocking but will only make you twitch or drop the ball. And it works on the nervous system so no one will get immune to it, so we won’t have to raise the level in the future to get the same effect,” Kellenberger told the Huffingtonpost.



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