10 Most Outrageous Tweets from Celebrities

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 05 2012
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Even though the founder of Twitter has revealed that the microblogging site is no longer healthy, many people still use it, including celebrities. Biz Stone the co-founder even suggested people not to spend most of their time tweeting. One of the reasons is there are many better things to do other than wasting time surfing in the popular social network site.

Stone encouraged the users to head in, grab the information that they are looking for, and then head out immediately. He didn’t mention this, but perhaps these outrageous tweets from celebrities are also the reason why Twitter is now “unhealthy.”

1. Spencer Pratt

Spencer Pratt often criticizes others celebrities on Twitter. One of his “victim” is Kate Hudson. He tweeted: “How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts! Kate H- get ur money back…I gotta guy who will hook you up!”

2. Brandon Davis

After broke up with Mischa Barton, Davis seemed still gave quite attention to his ex-. He tweeted: “OMG. Just realized my ex turned in to 1 of the fattest people in the planet. I’m gonna start dating plus size models. Not! Mischa the hefer.”

3. Lindsay Lohan

Fortunately, there is no TUI or Tweeting Under Influence because Lindsay Lohan can be the usual subject of this matter, perhaps. Lindsay: “I’m pretty sure that @samantharonson just threw a fit @33years old and my friend tal @draishollywood illegally open NOW at this hour… Asked me, after being here jus for Timbalands birthday-to leave even though she stayed over just 2nights ago-tired of @samantharonson… Playing the innocent card, while chatting to tmz just like my ex-father, when all I’ve ever done is fall for a girl.”

4. Tyler the Creator


5. Snooki

Know what can make Snooki feel depressed? Snooki: GR I hate that no nail salons are open late on Sundays! #depressed

6. Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas that cool guy from the Jonas Brother? Yep, check it out. Joe: “I hope I never get put in prison. Lil Wayne would so tap this.”

7. Chris Brown

Yeah, right. Chris Brown spoke about love. Chris Brown: “There is one type of love…unconditional.”

8. Health

Health had a crazy night, went to his Twitter account and posted: “”YOU KNOW YOU HAD A CRAZY NIGHT WHEN THERE ARE CIGARETTE BUTTS IN YOUR SH*T THE NEXT DAY.”

9. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth: “WHO DO I HAVE TO BANG TO GET AN ADVANCE COPY OF THE NEW @COLDPLAY ALBUM? I MEAN, REALLY.” Really? I have one for each album, Gwynet?

10. Justin Bieber

Sorry, girls, Justin Bieber is included in the list, especially because he often ridiculously posted the same tweets over and over again.

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