Unlike Jesus, This Chinese Grandma Died and Lived Again after 6 Days

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 02 2012
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Li Xiufeng, a 95-year-old grandma, shocked the villagers after she crawled out of her coffin as her family thought she was died.

The 95-year-old grandma was found “dead” by her neighbor at her house in Guangxi Province. The neighbor said he could not wake her up even though he had tried to push her and call her name loudly.

“I felt something was wrong, so I tried her breath, and she has gone, but her body is still not cold,” Qingwang the neighbor said.

Li Xiufeng lives by herself at her small home without family. Qingwang and her son visited her daily to bring foods and help the poor lady with everything.
When Qingwang learned that the grandma had died, he prepared a funeral helped by his son. In China tradition, someone who died will be kept inside the coffin for several days for the relatives and friends to see the person for the last time.

Qingwang placed Li Xiufeng on February 19, and on February 24 he found the dead body was missing. He immediately told the other neighbors and asked for helps to find the missing corpse.

When they arrived at the kitchen, they were shocked to find Li Xiufeng cooking.

“I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry, and wanted to cook something to eat,” she told her neighbors.

According to the doctors at the county hospital, Li Xiufeng experienced an artificial death. It is when a person has no breath but the body is still warm. Thanks to the Chinese tradition, Li Xiufeng could live again.


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