Watch Weird Woman Born with Three Mouths

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 01 2012
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Hellen has three mouths and she was not shy to show it to the public by appearing in a video that was later uploaded on YouTube.

Thanks to Alva Bernadine who encourages her to reveal her uniqueness, Hellen is now famous after the video went viral globally.

But wait a minute. Actually, Hellen is not really having three mouths. She only has one mouth placed by God below her nose. It was Alva who put the two other mouths to her face.

Alva is not a shaman or someone who has God-like capabilities. According to BizarreMag.com, she is only an artist, a photographer who loves to do experiments. She ever won the Erotic Photographer of the Year Award. She also wrote a book entitled Bernadinism; How To Dominate Men and Subjugate Women.

Hellen with her shocking three mouths is part of her artworks. She said that she got the mouth for eyes idea from the Greek legend. The girl with three mouths video is part of her tests before making a short film in the Spring.

Watch the amazing videos from Alva after the jump:

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