English Woman Loves to Eat Soaps and Sponges with Tomato and BBQ Sauce

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 01 2012
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Against normality, an English dental nurse could not live her daily routine without digesting soaps and sponges.

Kerry Trebilcock, a 21-year-old woman from Cornwall, has eaten about 4,000 sponges and more than 100 bars of soap since 4 years ago. She eats all the non-edible objects because she this condition namely pica.

What is pica?

According to the Sun, pica is “a rare disorder that causes sufferer to crave non-food items.” Trebilcock said she started eating the actually-inedible items since she contracted hookworm in Morocco in 2008. She didn’t tell her bizarre fondness because she felt like a freak at that time.

However, even though she seems eating all the inedible items for humans in general, she also has a preference. She said she loves lemon and lime flavored soaps.

“If I went out for the day I’d carry a small plastic bag of cut-up pieces of sponge with some tomato and BBQ sauce in Tupperware. I was never without a ‘snack’,” she told the Telegraph.

Besides the unusual food, she also eats regular foods daily. Trebilcock was too embarrassed to see a doctor to check her medical condition until 2009. Now she is diagnosed with constipation, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

People with pica are quite common. Some would prefer eating dirt or rocks to bread and bean. Some others see paper and furniture as their daily snacks.


The Telegraph

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