Davy Jones Died from Heart Attack, Snooki Pregnant Despite Her Denial: Entertainment Feed

Posted by redcherry | On: Mar 01 2012
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Both sad and happy news come from America’s entertainment world today. Davy Jones the lead singer of the Monkees was found dead early this morning. The 66 year old vocalist died from a heart attack.

Jones died at a ranch close to his home in Florida. He was there to visit his horse. Jones reportedly started to feel that there was something wrong with him when he was sitting in his car. He told a ranch hand that he couldn’t breathe the ranch hand called paramedics.

The paramedics came immediately and took him to the nearest hospital but they could not save him.

Meanwhile, from the Jersey Shore showbiz, one of the stars Snooki is reportedly pregnant. But it is strange that when lots of to-be-mothers will proudly announce their pregnancy, Snooki chooses to do the opposite. She hides her pregnancy.

According to the TMZ that got the information from sources that close to the 24 year old star, Snookie’s belly was already filled with a to-be-baby when she attended a show on Sirius/XM radio on Feb. 1st. At the time, she strongly denied the rumor saying she was pregnant.

Perhaps she is one of those conservatives who see that it is taboo for to-be-mothers to announce their pregnancy before the fetus is three-months old.

Who knows?


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