Bookie Raid Failed, Two Indonesian Police Burned to Death by the Mass

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 29 2012
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A total of five police officers from the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation of North Sumatra, Indonesia, raided a house in Kampung Merdeka, Gugur Rimbun Village, to arrest a local bookie.

But instead of seizing the target, the five police were kicked out by the people who live in the neighborhood. Two policemen were killed by the violent people.

Saud Usman Nasution the Chief of Police Public Relations Division said, “Two officers were burned to death after they were put inside their vehicle, while the three others were able to run away.”

According to Saud, the police wanted to arrest the bookie on Sunday night, but the suspect ran and shouted “Thieves!” towards the police that were not wearing uniform because they were in disguise at that time.

The people who heard the shout got the five police officers and beat them. They also threw stones to the vehicle. Even though the police told them they are police, the people ignored them and kept beating up.

The authorities are now investigating the case. The two police that were killed in the incident are Ricardo Sitorus and Siregar.


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