A Minnesota Man Arrested for Smuggling a 19-inch TV Inside Pants

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 29 2012
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Eric Lee King, a Minnesota man was arrested by the authorities for allegedly trying to steal a 19-inch TV by smuggling it inside his pants.

The 21-year-old man of Columbia Heights was charged on Friday with a misdemeanor shoplifting plus felony fifth-degree controlled substance as the police found a bottle of Xanax in his pocket when they searched him.

As reported by WCCO-TV, a police didn’t notice that King was stealing a flat screen TV until he saw the suspect walking weirdly. The police said he saw King in a parking lot in Eagan when he dropped a box of candy.

The police officer tried to call him but King didn’t give any response. Then the officer drove to where King stood and honked several times. That’s when the officer saw the TV inside King’s pants.

Besides the TV, the officer also found power cords, a remote control and a bottle of brake fluid. If found guilty, King could stay behind the cold bars up to 5 years.


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