Watch Awkward Moment when Awkward Kristin Accidentally Caught by WUFC Camera

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 28 2012
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A girl named Kristin is awkward and clearly she doesn’t know it.

A video captured the awkward moment when Kristin appeared behind a University of California student who was reporting in front of a camera. Kristin looked frozen for a few seconds when she knew that the camera was on and she was inside the frame.

Kristin was standing in front of a photocopy machine behind the reporter. She seemed clueless about what to do at the time. Instead of pretending that nothing happened by finishing the photocopying duty and getting back behind the door, she acted awkwardly moved her body behind the reporter’s head to go out from the camera frame.

Knowing that she was still captured by the camera, perhaps, she slithered to the ground but still, the camera had her inside the frame.

Shortly after the video of the awkward Kristin that was captured by a camera during the WUFC News segment being uploaded on YouTube, the girl got famous.

Check out the video of the awkward University of California girl below:

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