Watch a 21-year-old Waiter Made Angela Merkel Wet with 4 Glasses of Beer

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 28 2012
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A 21-year-old Germany waiter shouted “s**t” before pouring 4 glasses of beer on the back of Angela Merkel, his chancellor.

The incident was captured by the onlookers and one of them uploaded it on the internet. Shortly after the incident, the video went viral particularly across the Bavarian country.

The waiter, named Danny, lost his balance when he was about serving the chancellor with beer. The tray on his hand was slipped and the beer went straight to Merkel’s back and neck.

Even though she was really wet, she stayed calm and professional. Merkel’s companions tried to help her cleaning up the mess, but she just smiled and got back to the business, enjoying the beer.


Danny said that he was “shoved from behind” and had “tried to catch the beers.” He also said that it was his colleague that supposed to bring the beer to the chancellor.

“But she was so nervous, she asked me to do it for her,” he said.

The already ashamed guy was getting more ashamed because he shouted “s**t very loudly when the incident happened.

Back in 2006, Merkel also had “an incident” in which the video went viral. At that time, the former US President George W. Bush tried to give a massage to Merkel, but she acted awkwardly.

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