Female Chimps Get Pregnant Despite Vasectomized Males

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 28 2012
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Officials at a Louisiana’s animal sanctuary were surprised to find the female chimps in the facility are getting pregnant even though the males have been vasectomized.

Linda Brent, the director of the sanctuary called as the Chimp Haven Inc., said that the workers were stunned when they noticed one of the female chimps carrying her baby on Valentine’s Day.

Brent explained that it was really surprising as the male chimps in the facility get vasectomies before entering the Haven to control the number of birth. Two of the males even have been vasectomized twice, she said.

After the baby chimp came out from the female chimp, named Flora, the workers at the facility carried out a pregnancy test to all the females in Flora’s group. Flora’s senior, 49-year-old Ginger, turned out to be the next female to give birth this year, around July to August.

Brent said that the male chimps seem able to grow back the tube that had been cut by the surgeons. Each tube of the male chimps is vasectomized around 3 inches. The tube is the one that carries sperm from their testicles.

Flora’s baby father hasn’t been identified yet. Bent said the paternal test will come up with the final result within a month.

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