Playboy Teams Up with Virgin Galactic to Build Playboy Club on Space

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 27 2012
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Playboy comes with a new brilliant idea about the possibility of living in the outer space. Not enough with the clubs on Earth, they plan to build Playboy Club in space.

Working together with Virgin Galactic, a company that runs in the space tourism industry, Playboy expects “the heaven-in-the-heavens” will satisfy the “starry-eyed travelers” as their “wildest dreams” could be fulfilled by the new club.

“Guests will truly experience a party that’s out of this world,” Jimmy Jellinek the editorial director said.

The coverage about this odd yet awe-inspiring idea will appear in Playboy’s March issue.

The Playboy Club on the space is said to feature a casino that comes with a “human roulette” and a luxury restaurant. Besides with the Virgin Galactic, Playboy also teams up with a number of scientists and artists including world-renowned artist Thomas Tenery.

Virgin Galactic is established by Sir Richard Branson of England. The company is founded to be the first commercial space line in the world. So far, there have been one spacecraft built, namely the SpaceShipTwo. The tickets for the flights are offered at $200,000 per seat.

According to Jason Harper and A.J. Baime, the Playboy Club will be treated as if it is a cruise ship. It is very likely that the restaurant will attract people to come to the space club. Even though it is on the space, the food, plates, forks, etc. will stay on where they are supposed to be.

Besides the restaurant, another interesting feature about this Playboy Club is a place described as “orbital pleasure dome.”

Can’t wait to see the club

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