Woman Sued for Wearing “My Ex-husband is an a**hole” T-shirt

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 24 2012
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A joke sometimes can be misunderstood by people, especially those people upon whom the joke is played.

Here is a good example of how joke can end up in an unpredictable condition.

A 40-year-old Spanish woman couldn’t go out to malls or stores for 8 days and had to pay 1,000 Euros after the court found her guilty for insulting her ex-husband.

The bad luck was started when she bought a T-shirt when she was on vacation with her partner. The T-shirt she bought got the printed words: “Mi exmarido es gilipollas”.

Then she took photographs of herself while wearing the T-shirt before posted them in her Facebook page. So, what’s the problem then?

Well, “Mi exmarido es gilipollas” in English may be translated as “My ex-husband is an arsehole.” “Arsehole” is not the exact translation for “gilipollas,” but the meaning is more or less the same.

Her ex-husband who also has his own Facebook page was aware about the pictures. He could not accept the joke thrown by her ex-wife and reported the case to the authorities for “dignitary tort.”

The court found the shirt was an obvious attack on the woman’s ex-husband and damaging his reputation. The woman cried on the court as she couldn’t believe what had happened to her.

“It’s only a T-shirt,” she said.

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