Two Indonesian Teenage Girls Fought Over Twitter, Victim’s Cheek Ripped 4 cm Long

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 24 2012
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Whatever happens in Twitter, stays in Twitter.

These two Indonesian students perhaps never knew the slogan above because they insisted to continue their dispute in Twitter offline.

Two Makassar’s high schools students with initials K.P.F. and N.H., both are 16 years old, wereinvolved in a quarrel. K.P.F had to be rushed to a hospital after N.H. sliced her cheek using a box cutter. Her cheek was ripped about 4 centimeter long running from her upper right lip to right cheek.

K.P.F was allowed to go home after the doctors got her a number of stitches to her cheek.

The reason why the two young girls fought each other was because K.P.F mocked N.H. over and over again on Twitter. They thought the unfollow button was useless to end the dispute.

However, the police chief Adj. Comr. Amran Allobaji told the local newspapers that they had arrested N.H. He said the girl will be charged under Article 351 on assault. She could spend up to 5 years in jail if found guilty.

Indonesian police’s decision to arrest juvenile perpetrators and put them in the cells along with adult criminals is highlighted by the public in the past few months. Previously, there are two teenage brothers reportedly committed suicide after the police put took them into custody.

The public has been criticizing the authorities for them treating teenage offenders as if they are the adult ones.

Jakarta Globe

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