Titanic Historic First-class Lunch Menu up for Auction

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 24 2012
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Are you a big fan of historic memorabilia? This could be the chance for you to add some of your collection with a new historic stuff from the early 20th century.

Henry Aldridge & Son will hold an auction that involves one of the historic remains from the great Titanic ship. It’s not the anchor or the buoy. It’s the menu list!

The menu is dated April 14, 1912. From the list, we can tell how wealthy the passengers were when they were on the ship.

According to the Telegraph, the menu was obtained by the wife of Dr. Washington Dodge who was listed as a first class passenger. Mrs. Dodge put the menu into her handbag. She could survive the tragedy with her son, but her husband died.

As written in the website of the auctioneer, Mrs. Dodge gave her testimony about the tragedy. She said “the awful scene” can never be forgotten.

“From the upper rails heroic husbands and fathers were waving and throwing kisses to their womenfolk in the receding lifeboats.”

Henry Aldridge & Son will open the auction on March 31 while commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s completion.

They expect the Titanic historic memorabilia can reach £100,000 or $157,000 in the auction that will be held in Devizes, Wiltshire, the saleroom of Hendry Aldridge & Son.

The Telegraph

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