Russian Guy Who Stared at a Trash Can Amazingly Escaped Horrible Crash (Video)

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 23 2012
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A Russian guy who stood by a street while staring at a trash can (yes, he seemed enjoying the view) survived a shocking car crash right in the nick of time.

A CCTV captured the terrible crash that involved two cars. Fortunately, the pedestrian got Van Der Sar’s reflex skill and quickly jumped to avoid one of the car from crashing him to the trash can.

In the footage, the two cars –white and black- crashed each other in the middle of an intersection that has no traffic light. Both vehicles spin uncontrollably before heading towards the lucky survivor. He stood with his back facing the intersection, but perhaps after he heard the sound of the crash he turned his head and jumped to escape the crash in no time.

Watch the video for the evidence:


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