Ghost of Claddagh Nun from the 19th Century Caught in a Picture

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 22 2012
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Jonathan Curran inadvertently snapped a picture that contains a mysterious thing, assumed as a 19th century ghost.

The Galway Independent published the picture that caused a stir in the city. According to the newspaper, Curran was snapping 13 pictures of the Long Walk, Galway area, when his lens caught the uncanny figure in the area.

The figure is thought to be a nun that has made a number of sightings to the people there. The ghost often appears in the neighborhood of Long Walk close to the Claddagh and Wolfe Tone Bridge. The residents call it “Lady in White.”

From the 13 snaps that he took, Curran discovered the figure only in one picture. He said he was freaked out when he saw the image. He went to the rest 12 pictures and he didn’t see the same figure.

“She just seemed to appear for a moment and then disappear. There were other people on the Long Walk that day, but they seemed oblivious to her presence,” he said.

However, many people doubted the sighting in Curran’s picture. They said it could be only an optical illusion.

William Henry, a prominent historian of Galway, explained that haunting stories around the area have been there since a long time ago. In fact, he also said that young people are urged not to come close to Wolf Tone Bridge after 24.00 because the bridge is haunted.

Galway Independent

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