French Newspaper: Adolf Hitler Had a Secret French Son

Posted by redcherry | On: Feb 22 2012
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French newspaper Le Pointe suggested that Adolf Hitler was not fatherless when he died in 1945.

Actually it is not a really fresh story as Jean-Marie Loret who died in 1985 insisted that Adolf Hitler was his father and he really convinced about it.

Loret brought two evidences to prove his claim. The first was a study carried out by the University of Heidelberg in 1981 and the second was information from a handwriting analyst that revealed the similarity of Loret’s handwriting and blood type to Hitler.

Loret said that the Nazi dictator met his mother when he was assigned in France as a corporal in 1914. His mother, Charlotte Lobjoie, depicted the dictator as attentive and friendly. He found a painting signed by the man whom he fought during the WW II in his mother’s attic.

The difference of language was sometimes preventing them from having a warm conversation, but in 1918, her mother eventually gave birth to him.
No one knew that Loret was Hitler’s son until Charlotte made a confession about the real truth in the 1950s.

Loret then started to conduct his own investigation about the truth told by her mother. He met handwriting and history experts as well as geneticists to find out the evidence.

Germany and French once did not believe his claim at all. But now it seems both countries have a little bit open a new chance for the story to be confirmed.

Loret wrote a book about his experience, “Your Father’s Name Was Hitler.” The book is planned to be republished since there are new studies that seemingly supported Loret’s claim.


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